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Atmospheric Perspective handout 

This is a handout I made for an 8th grade student who was struggling with a landscape painting of a vineyard.


Deadpool vs. Caracalla: Portrait Lesson

Deadpool vs. Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Augustus (Emperor Caracalla)
Acrylic on canvasboard
" x "

I use this example to try and engage the students with some history. I have used it with art histroy; ceramics, making a bust, and life drawing, portraits. 

I might say, "Who would win in an all-out street fight? Deadpool or Caracalla?"

The students will say, "Who is Caracalla?"


Students will gain knowledge of human anatomy and form through observation, research, and fundamental exercises. These exercises will develop skills in gesture, contour, outline, and tonal modeling. Students will explore and experiment with portrait representation. The artist’s self portrait is a tradition we will also explore within the history of art.


If the student is challanged by the materials have them try finger-painting the portrait. Even high school students enjoy finger-painting.

If you would like to see the complete ciricullum for this unit please contact me.


RIP Jim Kelly - Master of the Dark Arts

Jim Kelly, an African American actor and martial arts expert who starred opposite Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon,” has died at the age of 67.

Tribute to Jim Kelly
Painted cabinet door with papier mache hair.


That Which Is Known

"That Which Is Known"
9" x 12"

Seen and Not Seen - Talking Heads



Watercolor set SALE

Illustrations inspired by a trip to the Caribbean. See the complete set in: Illustrations/Watercolors

Original art, not a print.

This coconut group was for a card set, but I framed them for a show. Now they are in these nice frames and they're looking for a good home. There are three.

Watercolor: 11" x 17"
Frame: 16" x 20' (with glass)
Price: 150 ea. or 350 set (Plus shipping and handling)