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Creative Anxiety

Creative anxiety is real. Creative aniexty is what Steven Pressfield refers to as resistance. Ressistance are the distractions that keep us from doing the work that needs to be done. I struggle with this daily. Posting a blog can be a distratcion (as my two unfinished paintings stare at me). I can try and make the argument that posting a blog will help my business, but does it really?

My distractions, or resistance, is always annoying but at times can even be destructive. It can also be counter-productive to my goals because I allow myself to concieve unrealistic expectationss. 

I think the best example of creative anxiety can be seen in the character of Pedro in the movie, Napolian Dynamite. Pedro is nervous about running for class president and in a monent of severe dread over the future he loses his rational thought.



A New Day, A New Battle

“Fear doesn't go away. The warrior and the artist live by the same code of necessity, which dictates that the battle must be fought anew every day.” ― Steven Pressfield, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles